Work for animal wellbeing

Animal wellbeing is a result of human action. #foranimalwellbeing

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Vetcare - work for the animal wellbeing

At Vetcare, we believe that the animal wellbeing is a result of human action. We are a Finnish organization, and our mission to ensure that people have everything they need to take good care of animals. We sell, market, export, and develop medicines and other products that promote animal welfare.

Key Flag - a symbol of a Finnish service

The Association of Finnish Work has granted the Key Flag symbol to Vetcare for its service and position as a Finnish firm. The Key Flag certifies that Vetcare is a verifiable Finnish company, providing Finnish-produced services and employees in Finland.

Vetcare is in the business of developing, importing, exporting & promoting animal medicines and other animal products, both in Finland and worldwide.

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Vetcare animal wellbeing is created by human action

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