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Vetcare exports its animal wellfare products abroad

Vetcare is one of Finland’s leading veterinary medicine companies. Vetcare invest a remarkable share of its profit in product development to be able to provide medicines, complementary feed and delicacies better suited for animals and supporting their wellbeing both in Finland as well as in other parts of the world.

Vetcare exports its own products and product innovations to most European countries, USA, Japan, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

Moving forward, we want to offer our products to even broader global market.
In 2022 the Vetcare Group was active in over 30 countries, either independently as Vetcare or through cooperation with partners.

Vetcare group is active over 30 countries.

We are partners with our international distributors

We offer our distributor network our expertise in product knowledge and dealing with authorities. We want to ensure animal wellbeing, better service, and patient security by operating transparently and proactively with our collaborators and distributors. We aim to provide good partner experience and want to produce sustainable growth together with our partners.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our products, please contact our international sales team.

Vetcare international sales

International sales

Vetcare Code of Conduct

We are committed to operating responsibly and we also require all of our partners to do the same. To support this aim, we have created an ethical code of conduct to make Vetcare’s objectives concerning the wellbeing of animals, people, and the environment as clear and unambiguous as possible to all parties.Our code of conduct applies to all of our partners, and we require them to commit to the operating principles in these guidelines. In doing so, we wish to ensure good, long-term, profitable, and healthy relationships with all of our partners in the future.