Vetcare animal wellbeing is created by human action

We sell, promote, export and develop medicines and other products that increase animal welfare.


Animal welfare is a result of human action

At Vetcare we want to ensure that people have everything they need to take good care of animals. We sell, promote, export and develop medicines and other products that increase animal welfare.

What we do:

  • We develop and sell better and more suitable medicines and complementary feeds for animals.

  • Our selection features the most suitable treats for activating their natural behaviour.

  • Our corporate family also includes a wholesale of medicines that helps veterinarians succeed in their work, whether as a rotating practitioner, municipal veterinarian, or at a veterinary clinic or a 24/7 veterinary hospital.

  • We export our products abroad.

  • We increase the understanding of animal welfare significance across the entire value chain.

  • We ensure that our products always stand up to regulatory measures.

It all began with meeting vets’ and animals’ needs

In 1992, three Finnish veterinarians started Vetcare by importing medicines that were needed by veterinarians and animals but did not have distributors in Finland.

In the past thirty years, our operation has expanded, and we have grown into one of Finland’s leading animal pharma companies. In addition to domestic sales, a significant proportion of our work is developing and exporting medicines and other products that better meet animals’ needs.

In the picture Vetcare´s founders Jukka Kuussaari, Tuomas Kärkkäinen and Kalevi Heinonen and Tero Tapaila, who was the first employee. Tero is still working for Vetcare after 30 years.

We have a common goal of doing what’s best for animals – now and in the future

We at Vetcare are veterinarians, pharmacists, as well as R&D and business experts – all of us are passionate and bold visionaries, who aim to do everything that’s best for the animals. It also means that sometimes we accept products into our selection that pose a greater significance in medical perspective than they do business-wise.

In addition to animal welfare, we find it important to take care of people and the environment, as well as our financial responsibilities. Vetcare is a Finnish success story that is also growing on international markets.

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Vetcare animal wellbeing is created by human action

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