Vetcare product development and innovations

Our products are innovative, and they truly create animal wellbeing.


Animal welfare with Finnish products

In addition to treating animal diseases, Vetcare also develops innovative products such as high-end complementary feeds and care products to promote their health.

We’re a bold operator that’s larger than it looks

We’re driven by passion and the courage to act efficiently and in the long term. Our products are innovative, and they truly create wellbeing – both for animals and the people that take care of them. We want to help veterinarians do their job as well as they can, which is why we listen closely to our customers.

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Our products have a tangible effect on animal treatments: treatment situations become more fluent, we can alleviate pain, and we reduce the need for antibiotics. Because animal antibiotics also affect humans and the environment, our product development serves the broader realm of human welfare too.

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In addition to animal medicines, we also offer complementary feeds to support wellbeing and the most suitable foods and treats for feeding animals and activating their natural behaviour. For example, our NousNous treat product was born from the need to bring a reliable quality treat that dogs like to regular stores.

The best innovations are born in collaboration

At Vetcare we’re experts in veterinary care and product development, but we collaborate with partners across the world. Our product development network includes universities and research organizations. Vetcare’s supervised contract manufacturing partners are in charge of production.

In the future, we plan to keep developing products ambitiously to enable animal welfare together with our collaborators.

Thus far we have mostly financed our own product development. In the future we want to focus even more on product development, which is why we welcome new partners and investors that share our values to partake in future development projects.

We believe that we can best boost animal welfare by putting more emphasis on product development, as well as innovative and open-minded action.

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