In addition to domestic sales, a significant proportion of our work is developing and exporting medicines and other products that better meet animals’ needs.



Tuuli Kousa

Marketing Manager
+358 41 536 2188

Marketing and product management of Vetcare´s own brands.

Ergin Bedretdin

Product Group Manager (Companion Animal Prescription Drugs)
+358 40 772 3466

Prescription medicines for small animals.

Tiina Heikkinen

Product Group Manager & KAM (Equine)
+358 40 511 1126

Equine products.

Kari Laessaari

Product Group Manager (Companion Animal Non-Prescription Products)
+358 40 844 3211

OTC medicines, feed and care products for small animals.

Maria Louhelainen

Veterinary Advisor (Companion Animal)
+358 40 708 0037

Veterinarian advisor for companion animals. Technical support.

Anne Saarinen

Product Group Manager, Veterinary Advisor & KAM (Livestock)
+358 44 555 5650

Products for livestock animals.