• Vetcare´s Mission: To Promote Animal Well-being

    Vetcare Oy has been meeting the needs of companion & production animals with quality products for owners, veterinarians, and pharmacists since 1992. The company researches, develops and markets  veterinary medicines and other health- promoting products for animals globally.

    Vetcare is one of the largest companies within the field of veterinary medicine in Finland. The company is completely owned by Finns, and it has experienced consistent and steady  growth throughout the its history. Today Vetcare employs over 40 professionals specializing in veterinary medicine, pharmacy, sales and marketing. Our basic principle is to serve all customers with high quality products and efficient customer service while maintaining our mission to promote animal well-being.

    Vetcare extensively exports products internationally. Several products for export include  pharmaceutical medicines manufactured by Vetcare and exported to countries around the world, including Europe and Japan. In addition to its generic products, Vetcare has developed several new, novel and innovative pharmacautical products for markets around the world.

    Vetcare Oy is the parent company of the corporation. Vetcare Oy manages new product investigational activities, product research & development, regulatory affairs & marketing authorizations, long-term contracts and import & export activities. The company also has two subsidiaries: Vetcare Finland Oy and Prevett Oy, the latter of which is an independent wholesaler serving veterinarians.

    Vetcare Finland Oy

    Vetcare Finland Oy, founded in 2015, is a subsidiary of  Vetcare Oy and is responsible for the marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products, health-promoting supplements  and animal feed throughout Finland. The revenue gained from these activities supports  further product research & development of additional animal care  products. In support of our new products, Vetcare Finland provides extensive, hands-on training  for new treatment options for our customers.

    The products included in Vetcare Finland’s portfolio cover companion animal, equine and production animals. The customers of Vetcare Finland Oy are veterinarians, animal attendants, pharmacies and other professionals within animal healthcare and medical community. Vetcare Finland Oy also serves animal owners by providing information on animal diseases and health-promoting supplement products.

    Vetcare supports Finnish University research activities

    New product development has taken an increasingly important role of the activity within Vetcare. Novel, new & innovative pharmaceutical products, as well as generic products manufactured by the company itself, form an extensive share of the product portfolio of Vetcare.

    Research University collaboration play an important role in the product development activities of Vetcare, and substantial cooperation is performed with, among others, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine  at the University of Helsinki, the University of Eastern Finland, and the University of Turku.

    Vetcare has already for decades been one of the most important company partners of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Helsinki. Our cooperation has been, and is, very fruitful and rewarding. The financing provided by Vetcare has both enabled grant professorships and long-term cooperative projects for our professors, led to the fact that there are several doctors theses in the making, and given the possibility for several research groups to participate in product development projects of Vetcare.”

    – Olli Peltoniemi, Professor, Vice-Dean in Charge of Research at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Helsinki

    Products for production animals

    Products intended for production animals form an impressive share of the total portfolio of Vetcare. There are more than 70 different products available, including both products developed by Vetcare and products which Vetcare represents and sells from other manufacturers. Vetcare continuously works on developing new products for production animals. These products are particularly directed to veterinarians and producers with the aim to promote animal well-being.

    Products for equine

    Vetcare provides a wide range of products for horses, including both pharmaceutical products and feed. Pharmaceutical products are designed for use at veterinary horse practices and clinics. In addition, Vetcare supplies high-quality complementary feed to support the medicinal products. The pharmaceutical product portfolio covers products for anesthesia; pain relief;  treatment of lameness; products for the treatment of airway issues, and a long-awaited medicine for the treatment of endocrine disturbances affecting the pituitary gland in horses (PPID). Vetcare’s E-Vitamin is one of our proprietary products within the horse portfolio range, and several new products are currently under development.

    Products for companion animals

    Our companion animal product line is primarily focused on  cats and dogs. Our portfolio includes both pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products and consists of more than 100 products. These products are intended for a wide range of treatment areas  including  cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics and gastroenterology. The portfolio also contains many proprietary products developed by Vetcare. In addition, several novel, innovative products are under development.

    Supplying the home medicine cabinet for pets

    Vetcare’s health-promoting products for pets includes items for the basic home medicine cabinet of pet owners, including products for digestion and joints, skin and fur; products for ear-cleaning and  wound treatment. This growing portfolio consists primarily of Vetcare´s own proprietary products.